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My name is Ryan Young. Originally I'm from Benicia, CA. For the past two years I've been living in Southern California and attending school at Art Center College of Design for photography.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 2011

For the last three weeks I've been fortunate enough to skate almost everyday. I guess that's a winter in California for ya. Here are a few flicks from two weeks in the Bay Area and one week in LA with the homies. I'm sore as hell and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation.

Brent Delaney


Sw 180

Ryan Young

...yeah, yeah a bit of narcissism, but I haven't filmed in almost two years and it felt really healthy to try and get buck again. Here's a few tricks shot by Christopher Young that will be in a Metro Whoa of the Week.




Bobby Marquez

Fs Nose
Bs Nosegrind

Taylor Kennedy

Bs Noseblunt
Fs 180
Fs Wallride
Bs Tailslide

Taylor Forney

Bs 180

Eli Herrera

Sw Ollie
Front Board

Javan Campello

Bs Boardslide
Pissed-Off and Tired

Chris Young

Fs Tailslide
Canon Ball to Broken Wrist

Brian Sawyer

I got a call from my homie Sam Muller telling me to get here because something gnarly was possibly going down... He was correct.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bay Spots with Bay Homies

Sesh at Vallejo Park with Joey and Zach

Filmed by: Joey Lee

It was Matt's idea to modify this structure. He got the first trick on it with this 50 50.

Matt Tuite-FS 180

Tino came through and got these three tricks in one sesh. Beast Mode!!!

Tino Rodriguez- BS 50 50

Tino- Crook Pop-Over

Tino- Feeble Pop-Over

I haven't skated with Will in a long time. It was nice to see he's still got his hops.

Filmed by: Joey Lee

Will Scheff- Ollie

Rollin Deeeeep!

Matty Hunt

Matty- Kickflipper

Matty- Wall Nollie


Chris Young- Nollie BS Big Spin

Tyler Schlatt- BS Big Spin

Taylor Kennedy

Taylor- Bail
Taylor-BS 180

SML Wheels, November 2010, Javan Campello
The Killing Floor Skateboards, December 2010, Taylor Kennedy

A Sesh with Arto

Footy Check
Arto- back tail
Mr. Brendan Klein and his cameras.